Hershey’s $2 Assortment

//Hershey’s $2 Assortment
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Earn big profits with HERSHEY’S new big bar $2 assortment carrier. Put HERSHEY’S brand power to work for your next fundraiser with this new 30-count carrier.

Hershey’s $2 Assortment
Carrier includes 8 King Size Reese Peanut Butter Cups – 8 Kit Kat Bars – 8 Hershey’s with Almonds – 6 Twizzlers.

Prize!!! Earn a 5-lb chocolate bar with all assortments.

5 Pound Hershey's Bar Prize

We also carry Nestle®, The Original Fundraising $1 Bar®, and most major brands of chocolate. Plus 50¢ Lollipops by Carousel® and Shockwave®.

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