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Project Description

People have come to rely on our $1 bar as their primary way to fundraise. Here are some benefits of our $1 bars:

  • Everyone has $1. Your supporters are happy to purchase a fundraiser for this reasonable price.
  • Not only are our $1 bars affordable, but they’re also a premium quality chocolate, so you’re getting a great value.
  • Assorted flavors for all tastes. Six chocolate bar flavors in a convenient variety pack.
  • You can’t find them in stores. Our $1 fundraising bars can’t be found in retail stores like some of the other brands out there, so your supporters know they are getting something special.

This fundraising product contains 60 chocolate bars, sold for $1 each.

  • 18 – Caramel Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 12 – Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 12 – W.F. Crisp® Bars, 1.15 oz.
  • 6 – Milk Chocolate Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 6 – Dark Chocolate Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 6 – Wafer Bars
  • Peanut Free. (U)-D
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