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The Ultimate Discount Card™

FINALLY!…. A fundraiser that benefits your organization, your sponsors, and your community!
The Ultimate Discount Card™ is the thickness of a standard credit card. It offers two sides worth of coupons (usually 24)
that work every day for one entire year. That’s the equivalent of over 8,700 potential coupons.

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Fundraisers That Benefits Your Organization, Your Sponsors,
and Your Community!

We will meet with you to discuss your organization’s needs, and help you select a profitable program that will
help you reach your fundraising goals.


The Original Ultimate Discount Card™

With over 25 years of experience working with schools, leagues, churches, temples, fraternities, and businesses,
The Ultimate Discount Card™ has become the Hudson Valley’s most requested fundraising item!

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I have been fund raising with George Basen for over 15 years. The necessity of fund raising has been made a very easy and profitable experience. This is due in no small part to the professional and accommodating efforts of George. He has and continues to provide excellent service and terrific products. The Ultimate Discount Card™ is something not to be missed. Each year we are able to earn up to and over $12,000.00 profit with only two fund raisers.

Brian F., Music Director Pine Bush Central Schools
As the Student Council advisor at Marlboro Middle School, I have known and worked with George Basen for over ten years. The Student Council oversees a school wide fund raiser each year where proceeds go to individual grades for their end of the year trip and other expenses. We need a lot of money for the three classes. Early on we started selling the Ultimate Discount Cards™, an idea developed by George. The cards are a terrific money raiser. Each year has seen the proceeds grow as a loyal fan base has developed. George has been easy to work with, accessible, and very responsive to all our concerns. I would highly recommend George Basen and his company “Ultimate Fundraising,” not only for the discount cards, but for their very diversified product line for fund raising. Our experience with George and his company has been outstanding!
Lou S., Marlboro Middle School Student Council Advisor
Our school has been selling the Ultimate Discount Card for years, and it is a favorite fundraiser. It is an easy and effective program because it is a Win/Win/Win. It is a Win for our school. It is a Win for the customer – people save literally hundreds of dollars using the card during their normal shopping and dining. In fact, repeat customers ask for the card. It is a Win for the student – prize incentives are terrific for offering this card that essentially sells itself. Using the card helps the local economy, too, as the savings incentives make it attractive to try new offers. The personnel at Ultimate Fundraising are a pleasure to work with. George and Barry are always accommodating, are available whenever needed, and provide everything needed to make this fundraising program a success each year. The experience of this entire fundraiser is nothing but positive.
Carol S., St. Peter's School Parents' Guild

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Through consistent effort and honest, friendly service, we have developed what has become the Hudson Valley's most requested fundraising item... THE ULTIMATE DISCOUNT CARD™!!!
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