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Project Description

FINALLY!…. A fundraiser that benefits your organization, your sponsors, and your community! The Ultimate Discount Card™ is the thickness of a standard credit card. It offers two sides worth of coupons (usually 28) that work every day for one entire year. That’s the equivalent of over 10,000 potential coupons.

See Some Card Examples:


Here’s how it works:
The card sells for only $15. Organizations earn 40%-60% profit. A free prize program is available to increase participation by students. Here are the different ways to structure the sale:

Method #1: Students can go around with an order form and pre-take orders for the cards.

Method #2: Students can receive packets containing 5 cards and can sell them immediately.

Either way, we provide you with all the packets of information to give to each student to guarantee a successful sale. All paperwork is included for free.

Here are a few of the benefits of the Ultimate Discount Card™:

  • The simplest fundraiser to facilitate!!
  • Easy to sell- discounts from your most popular name brand merchants
  • Unlimited use and savings- discounts are good every day for one year.
  • Fits in your wallet- no coupons or booklets to clip or forget
  • The Ultimate Value- the price of the card can be recouped on the first day!
  • Easy to use- everybody likes to save money.

Please contact us about customizing a card for your school district. We negotiate ALL the offers with the merchants and design the card from start to finish.

Our recent sponsors have included Walmart, Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, True Value, Jiffy Lube, Dunkin Donuts, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many more.

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